spring break


Life Y’all

Been a while since I’ve posted…anything! Nearly two years I think. And what a couple of years it’s been! Our family has grown from four to six with the addition of two amazing kiddos. Jude (3) and Dez (2). Early on in our marriage Stacie and I knew we wanted to adopt. It’s been awesome watching God orchestrate bringing these two special boys into our lives. They make our hearts explode on a daily basis! Our sweet Layla (10) and our clever Eli (8) are the best big sister and brother and they’re crazy about Jude and Dez. These four kids make everyday sweeter, crazier, more fun and just…better.

On my website I’ll be doing some new things soon like, song covers, guitar tutorials and sharing some of my experience as a husband and daddy of four. Because just like I’m Adulting, I’m also DadBodding. More info to come!




Layla (top left), Eli (bottom right), Jude (bottom left), Dez (top right)